Our Visit to the Sunny Side Up Show

Last month my husband and two children took one of our whimsical family road trips through the East Coast. We drove through Chicago and ventured up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Lake Placid, Hershey and several other towns and cities. One of our stops was Philadelphia. As a PBS Sprout Expert, I’ve written for the site, and as a Band of Bloggers (update: Band of Bloggers not longer exists)¬†member, we were invited to stop in the Comcast building, the tallest building in the city, to see the PBS Spout office and studio. I was hoping¬† for a quick hello to the staff, but we were offered more than that. We had the chance of a lifetime – especially for my young children.

We had met the sweet host of the PBS Sprout Sunny Side Up Show Dennisha Pratt and her puppet friend Chica during a live filming!

While my son’s spinning wheels tried to figure out the logistics of the set and Chica, my daughter was completely enthralled with the experience and said meeting Chica was the best part of the trip.

Even my husband and I were intrigued by the visit. We discovered the Sunny Side Up Show is show is extremely cost-effective and while the show is produced in Philadelphia it is transmitted from the Comcast Media Center in Denver. Our biggest surprise was how incredibly small the set was, especially because it looks so much more spacious on TV. It was quite an event seeing the show in the works and seeing the cheery and colorful PBS Sprout office.

Before our departure we had a fun photo op, we sat in the former Good Night Show chair (see photo) and already have the picture in a frame at home.

Thank you PBS Sprout for inviting us to meet Dennisha and Chica and see your magical world. What a wonderful memory it was for our family!

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