I’m the Shape Magazine 2013 Weight Loss Diary Columnist

Now that the New Year is here my next exciting journey officially begins….I’m Shape Magazine’s 2013 Weight Loss Diary (WLD) Columnist. I’ve read the column from day one – it started years ago – and am always inspired by the transformations each lady goes through. When I saw the editors of Shape were looking for the 2013 WLD columnist I knew I had to apply. My dream came true! The announcement was in the December 2012 issue (that one, on the left).

If you’ve never read the column this is how it works…the columnist works with a trainer, registered dietitian and life coach throughout the year, while writing a monthly diary for the print issue of Shape Magazine and blogging once or twice weekly for the website. She shares struggles, successes, tips, recipes and offers inspiration as she works toward her goals.

My gym is Life Time Fitness and I have to rave about how they have stepped up to the plate to offer guidance as well as my trainer, dietitian and other resources to ensure my success. My life coach also has ties with Life Time as a fitness instructor. They will all be introduced in my Shape column soon.

You can following along in the print magazine and read more about the steps I am and will be taking to lead a healthier life on the Shape blog which will contain all of my posts. As for social media, I’ll be tweeting from @ShapeWLDiary  which will also be launching soon.

This is going to be an exciting year!

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