Mall of America Characters Meet and Greet Photos

Ever since my family moved to the Twin Cities there is one place my kids can’t get enough of and that’s the Mall of America. The main attraction for my young children isn’t the shopping like it is for me – their highlight is Nickelodeon Universe which sits in the center of the mall. They love the roller coasters and rides but they have another favorite past time, too, and that’s taking photos with the rainbow of characters who make appearances. Some of the characters such as Dora, Diego and Spongebob are staples and can be spotted at least weekly. Other times “special guests” stop by to say hello and you might bump into some other mascots roaming the mall. Last fall the Super Why gang and a couple of the Wonder Pets were guests of honor during a couple of Toddler Tuesday events.

Warning: Like clowns, not all kids are comfortable being around these over-sized, colorful characters. Fortunately, they don’t phase my offspring.

If you’d like to learn more, read the tips on my post Mall of America Character Meet and Greet on The Vacation Gals. In the meantime, here are some of our Mall of America (MOA) meet and greet photos:

Dora and Diego


Sharky the Mall of America’s Underwater Adventures Aquarium mascot

Spongebob and Patrick

Dora and Boots

Bubba Gump Shrimp

Wonder Pets: Ming-Ming and Linny

Super Why

I know that one day the kids won’t be as enthralled to pose with characters, but for now I’m grateful for these fun meet and greet moments at Mall of America. They’re only little for so long.

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