Beth Blair is author of: The Unofficial Guide to Mall of America (Unofficial Guides; 2016)


Break into Travel Writing (Hodder Education & McGraw-Hill; 2012)

To purchase Break into Travel Writing ($12) directly (Paypal – shipping included) or for an autographed copy please contact Beth directly at bethblairwrites @

Break into Travel Writing

Her work has also appeared in the following books and anthologies:

2010 Writer’s Market ~ 1st Place Winner Freelance Success Stories Contest

Simple Pleasures of the Kitchen

 Simple Pleasures of Friendship

Open My Eyes, Open My Soul

Chicken Soup for the Bride’s Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Happily Ever After

To purchase Happily Ever After directly ($12 – includes shipping) please contact Beth at bethblairwrites @

The Haunted Encounters Series

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2 responses

  1. Hi Beth,

    We hooked up today on Twitter. Enjoyed digging through your tweets, website, blog. I love what you are doing.

    I am a retired American Airlines pilot (hate to see the recent news) and love to see what other airline employees are doing. It always amazes me to see the diversity of interest among airline employees. My 21 years at AA were good times. I miss the people and find the social media platforms a good way to keep up.

    When you have time please visit my website and blog.

    Best to you and I look forward to seeing your tweets pop up.


  2. Thank you Beth. Best to you and your forthcoming book “Break into Travel Writing” (Hodder Education, 2012). Who better than you to write about travel. One day I would like to write “The Perfect Room”, a story about the perfect hotel room for a layover.

    We’ve come a long way from the days prior to rollerbags (tired shoulders and arms) to the days of cell phones and e-readers.

    Take care,

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