Flight Attendant Training Photos and Video

Now that I’m back in the airlines one of the most frequent questions people ask is, what’s flight attendant training like? I’m currently with my fourth airline and this was my third flight attendant training. Every airline’s training is different but the underlying message is always the same – safety and security.

Some days are fun and full of comradery and laughter while other days can only be described as so intense that you hope you never have to relive a day like that again. Tests are almost daily and vary from written fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions (which must be passed with an 80% or higher) to evacuation commands which must be said verbatim. In other words, if you miss one word it’s considered a fail and you have to pull a do-over. By then end, every student knows the cabin and it’s safety features and before long it becomes our second home.

Below are some photos taken throughout the month-long training to give you an idea of what flight attendant training is like.

This is our Flight Attendant Manual (FAM), also known as our Flight Attendant Bible. You can’t tell how thick it is, but believe me, it is. We read every word. It’s a mandatory item when we fly and if we forget it we’re grounded.

Emergency equipment. We have to preflight (make sure it’s operational) each piece of equipment every time we board an aircraft.

Here’s a video of us inflating our life vests. That’s me on the far right. (refresh the page if you can’t see it).


Ready to fight the fire with my Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE).

And we did get to practice fighting a galley fire at the airport.

We donned the flight deck oxygen.

Jumping down the emergency slide is mandatory. It’s much steeper than it looks.

We spent a lot of time in the cabin trainer rehearsing “what if” scenerios.

One night we were at the airport until 3 am for hands-on aircraft experience.

Finally, Graduation Day!

And here I am now… once again an official flight attendant. And loving every moment…

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